book | published | 17 oct 2017

"Querido Diario: hoy ha empezado la guerra"

Pilar Duaygües ens explica a través de les pàgines del seu diari un dels esdeveniments històrics més importants i crus de la nostra història: la Guerra Civil Espanyola. Des 1936 a 1939, la jove ens relata amb una visió que es transforma de nena a dona, com van viure aquells anys ella i la seva família.

edited by

Tania Balló Gonzalo Berger

Pilar Duaygües Nebot began her diary on January 28, 1936 when she was fourteen years old, it was hidden for more than eighty years: “Currently I live in Padre Claret street, 94, 6º, 1º, in Barcelona. Very bored at home, without news, as always. Maybe I’ll go with Mom to Aurora’s house. When I come back I’ll have dinner and sleep. ”

Pilar was born on February 26, 1921 at La Seu d’Urgell. The little of four sisters: Mary (1911), Rosa (1913) and Teresa (1916). His parents were Francesc Duaygües Flix (1887) and Maria Nebot Nebot (1882). His family owned a small flour and pasta company in Lleida. The beginning of the war led to the confiscation by the fascists of the family business in Melilla (the family then resided in Barcelona).

They were a bourgeois, republican and left-wing family. The four daughters had the opportunity to study, something unusual on those days. Teresa was a militiawoman at Captain Bayo’s column, after returning from the Balearic front, she worked in the organization of the passive defense of the city. Mary was a journalist in El Diluvio, a local Republican newspaper. Rosa was a nurse and was assigned to the front where she worked in different blood hospitals.


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